We at An-Mar today consider color enhancement as something greater than just scene to scene color matching or shot-by-shot color grading. On a daily basis, our colorists’ call upon their creative side to produce their own stylish “look” or to dynamically enhance a director or cinematographer’s creative vision.

Our field of work is one where talent and creativity come together with technical know how and craftsmanship.

For over 30 years, we are committed to maintaining this bond and provide our customers with innovative technical services.

Making it happen… This expression captures the essence of what we value and strive for.

Whether it is developing film, transferring it to any format and grading to your artistic views, or color correcting digital footage from any of the many cameras and delivering to you in any format including authoring Digital Cinemas Packages or even Bluray, you will find that we can cover all your modern day and even older needs.